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Everything possible is done to make the rectification process so important by the primaries easy and fast. The astrologer can change the birth time with steps of 1 second up to 1 hour and watch the new hit dates of almost all mundo directions and the zodiacal to the angles. He can change the key with one click of the mouse: the new hit dates come up immediately. In the Navigator we can choose from 14 techniques among them primary directions acc.

Then we can set the step from 1 second to 5 years, lay back and watch the planets move. The date to which the charts correspond, shows in the left corner in a text field.

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We can input a date of interest and the charts in the wheels will automatically assume their position for the given date! Similar is the design for the other animations. It works with the algorithms of the famous astronomer Jean Meeus and for now is the best that Astronomy can offer. The precision is in parts of the arcsecond.

Here the key is degrees for 1 year Solar or degrees for The diurnal path of the planets is divided in 12 big sectors houses and each one of them is subdivided in 30 sectors. If your main interest are the primaries as acc. It has 3 suboptions:. Here, we can see a full Regiomontanus speculum with all intermediate variables that serve for the calculations of the Regio primary directions. This is an important feature for all researchers in the field who may want to check step by step their own or someone else's hand calculations or in the end astrologers who may want to verify the authenticity of the program itself.

We can also print the intermediate variables in high-quality print-outs. An ocean of Regio data will come out scrambled on one single sheet of paper. In the print-out we can see also the Ascensional Difference, the Oblique Ascension and the Oblique Descension of all planets under the Pole of all planets. We can see also the arcs of all interplanetary mundo conjunctions and oppositions between all planets.

This Regio module is a beautiful animation module that serves for the immediate visualization of the Interplanetary Regiomontanus Directions another name for this kind of directions is 'Directions under the Pole of the Significator as per Regiomontanus'.

Which house system do you use and why?

Here we choose the planet-significator from all ten planets or Pars Fortunae the first row at the lower part of the form - the wheel automatically will configure in accordance with the calendar date that is displayed in a text-field in the upper left corner of the form. The significator in these Regio directions is placed on the eastern horizon if it is eastern in the radix and on the western horizon if it is western in the natal chart. Then other points like zodiacal points of aspects, planets, terms et cet. These are the classic interplanetary zodiacal Regiomontanus Directions.

All these are displayed in the module. If we look at the bottom of the form we will see a row of option buttons for the key we want to use. If we click on a key button, the chart will automatically configure and update the current information anew as in accordance with the key in question. On the left bottom corner of the form we can see the hit dates and the arcs of the mundo conjunctions and oppositions of all other planets with the current Significator. If we click on it, we will see which points of the zodiac are currently in Regio conjunctions with all planets- direct and converse.

In the upper left corner of the form are the animation controls. We can choose a step from 1 second to years. Suppose we choose a step of 1 year. Then the new date will show in the text field reserved for the date. We have to hit ' STOP ' in order to discontinue the animation. Hitting on them the program will calculate direct with the motion of the celestial sphere or converse against the diurnal motion directions.

If we have in mind a date of interest and we want to 'check what was on the Regio Horizons of the planets then', we can write this date in the text-field. A button with text ' Click OK when finished ' will pop up in the middle of the screen. We first write the date of interest and then click the ' OK ' buton.

The chart and all information will be redrawn for the new date. Zodiacal points aspects, antiscia, terms These are the classical zodiacal directions of Regiomontanus under the Pole of the Significator. Practiced by all Masters in the Regio Tradition. Planets real bodies to mundo conjunctions and oppositions with all other planets.

ASTROLABE: Solar Fire V9

In this particular case and in relation to the time, we start from a double-blind certainty: the one that history gives us, as we have seen, by historians and chroniclers of the time and, secondarily, by the traditional assignment of a particular hour that the Peruvian astrologer considers valid, even if it is approximate. In the first case, history tells us that the Independence of Peru was proclaimed between 10 and 11 in the morning local time , approximately. In this way, we already have a point of departure, which will help us to begin to address this important chapter that is rectification, that is, in astrological jargon.

Initially, I began by studying the planetary transits of the slower planets on some of the most important dates in the history of Peru, beginning in I submitted to a provisional horoscope, calculated for AM GMT , to the test of planetary transits, for some events important Obviously, I took this hour already moved to GMT because it is the figure equidistant from the theoretical range that historians suggest as a possible time of proclamation.

And it goes without saying that, for most relevant events, we should find adequate and sufficient reflection in the form of planetary transits, in relation to the planetary symbolism and the angular aspects formed with factors of the radix. For example, in the face of a negative event at the national level, for the image of the country at the international level or even at the domestic level, we can expect a transit of Saturn in conjunction with the radical Mediocielo, but we will hardly find Jupiter in transit on this same point of the national letter.

That is to say, an aspect by transit of Saturn in conjunction with the radical Descendant or opposition to the Ascendant. On a symbolic level, it is a very appropriate transit for the death of this hero of the homeland: grief, pain, sadness and other meanings typical of this planetary step affecting the AS-DS axis of a horoscope. Specifically, he suggested GMT as a possible natal hour.

Without a doubt, it was a tempting combination. All in all, it was only a first approximation to the horoscope under study, rather than a formal application of the rectification technique itself. I now had to submit to this hour and provisional horoscope, a long series of events, with their corresponding planetary transits, in order to determine if this first correction, made with only a first important event, also offered a satisfactory result in the rest of the world.

First I focused on mournful, shocking events for the Peruvian state; concretely, the death of presidents of the nation. This clearly points to the fact that we are facing the true natal hour. But this is not all. For the experienced astrologer or one who intends to practice a serious and rigorous astrology, a few cases should not be enough; it is necessary to continue studying more events.

Thus, in the face of other important events, this important axis will also be sensitive to the planetary transits of the moment. As we can see, in this case Saturn by transit makes a conjunction to the radical IC, with a closed orb, for the horoscope calculated for GMT. Well, until now we have seen that for the same type of event, the planetary transits pointed to a degree of the zodiac where hypothetically the angles of the national chart were located axes AS-DS and MC-IC. But we can trace other outstanding historical events and we will see how, also, in a different way, according to the type of event, they affect the projection angles the letter of Peru, which is equivalent to the proposed hour.

However, for this it will be necessary to dominate the horoscope of Peru with the Topocentric System, which is, in my opinion -based on an uninterrupted experience of 20 years as a professional astrologer-, the true system of houses. In other words: if we use a domination by Campanus, Koch, Regiomontanus or others, we will not be able to detect the transits that resemble the cusps of intermediate houses, because they will be shown out of orb. Not so with the angles, since they are located in the same zodiacal position in all house systems.

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The consideration about the true system of houses, which I introduce in this paper in a transversal way to the main issue, will be discussed in the following section. For the moment, I show you some examples of planetary transits aspectando the intermediate cusps for the provisional horoscope of Peru, to reinforce what is already beginning to be evident at this point of the present study: that San Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru around GMT.

XII n. VIII n. III n. With this series of relevant events, of different types, not only it becomes clear that the proposed natal time GMT is the correct one — still needing a slight correction -, but the topocentric domination is the real one. Note how appropriate the planetary transits are for the different events, according to the planetary symbolism combined with the meaning of the corresponding natal houses.

Thus, we find the natal House aspectada when facts related to foreign countries occur. To the natal House III when it comes to issues related to travel and travel.

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Or to the natal House VIII when many people die at the same time, in the same event and in a violent way, for different reasons. And to the natal House XII for violent, tragic events or for simple failures. Notice that we found the natal House XII involved when certain negative facts happen to Peru; here, in 5 events, we see up to 6 inharmonic transits of malefic planets aspectando this house topocentric cusp. And now, allow me a digression: in the face of the obvious, finding ourselves face to face with the true horoscope of Peru and with how sensitive House XII looks and the rest of the angles and houses of your national chart to inharmonic planetary transits, I wonder if this country could not benefit from competent astrological advice.

Through this advice, the governing body could be warned, at the national or local level, of the sensitive periods, which could lead to a negative event or event, so that in their respective decisions prudence would prevail and prevention would be practiced.

It is an idea that can be extrapolated to every country and national letter, of course.

Today, it seems unthinkable, closer to astrology-fiction than to reality, but it may not be long before it becomes a reality. Returning to the storyline and returning to the rectification of the horoscope of Peru, we can confirm that, according to the study of the annotated historical events and their corresponding planetary transits, eloquent, Peru was born on July 28, at 15 : 54 GMT. Translated to the local time, we can say that the proclamation of Independence took place around 10 am and 46 minutes in the morning of that Saturday of the month of July.

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  • However, like any rectification with Transits, we can only obtain an approximate natal hour, with a margin or tolerance that It can reach several degrees of arc. Returning to the theme of Peru, this correction of the national horoscope can be enough, in principle, to interpret the natal theme and to predict with the same Transits or with the Solar Revolution, but it does not allow us to operate with the powerful topocentric Primary Directions, which are a fundamental piece in the predictive architecture relative to the horoscopes of nations.

    You can go into this technique and the rectification of hours of birth through my work Advanced Techniques in Predictive Astrology. In theory, we could perform the corresponding calculations by hand, but today, computers and special software are irreplaceable, saving time and possible errors.

    In my particular case, I began to rectify horoscopes with the help of computers in the distant year of I acquired the great German astrologer Alexander Marr a simple program in MS2, created by him, called Special 1. I received it by mail, I bought a used Commodore 64 computer, which I connected to a small television and operated with it, not without a thousand and one problems, which I tried to solve by talking on the phone with Marr, who with his characteristic deep voice, patiently, helped me Get the most out of your program.