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The third house also rules our thoughts and the way we put them out into the world, either in writing, speaking, media, or communication arts. This includes your family, your roots, your sense of security, and your relationship to your mother or your more "maternal" caregiver.

Understanding the 12 Houses! DEEP UNDERSTANDING of the HOUSES in Astrology!— with Heather!

This house also governs your psychological relationship to your roots, your connection to your past and your ancestry, our domestic life, and real estate endeavors. The fifth house is the house of playfulness, joy, creativity, pleasure, and romance.

That could include gambling, attitudes toward romance, and attitudes toward having fun. The fifth house also governs our relationships to lovers as opposed to partners, romantic gestures, drama, creative projects, having children, being in the spotlight, theater, costumes, and adornments. The sixth house rules your daily life.

The sixth house includes whatever those responsibilities might be, including your health, your domestic pets, efforts at self-improvement, service to your co-workers. Also, your attitude toward routines, scheduling, and organization.

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The seventh house rules partnership: marriage, business partnerships, domestic partnership, soul mates, and our attitudes toward these unions. It also governs our competitors and enemies, since competing with someone is a kind of union in itself. After all, it takes two to compete, doesn't it? Compromises, contracts, and mediators like lawyers also fall under this house. This house represents the shadow side of ourselves that can only be brought to light through our relationship with another, and the growth that occurs from that.

Effects Of Planets In Different Houses In Vedic Astrology - Jothishi

The eighth house is commonly referred to as the house of death, and it does include that, but death in all its forms. They say for instance that an orgasm is a kind of miniature death; this house governs sexuality. It also governs rebirth, crisis and change, addiction, transformation, regeneration, and our attitudes toward these things. The eighth house also rules over our relationship to other people's money -- the money we may be granted after someone dies, our partner's money, and the money we owe to others.

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That refers to our debts and our taxes. The ninth house is the house that rules our higher learning, including higher education, our spiritual understanding, and expansion of our belief systems and personal philosophy. This house also governs the areas of life that have an influence on our higher learning. That includes long-distance travel, foreign languages and cultures, publishing, and commerce. The tenth house governs our careers, our achievements in society, the areas of life where we carve out a name for ourselves and make something of our lives.

It covers fame, material success, and our desire for achievement. Governs: Your personality. The ascendant is the sharply focused, condensed version of your many layers. Have people ever told you that they had a certain impression of you when they first met you that changed once they got to know you?

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Governs: Money, possessions, trust, values. The house of resources keeps all your astrological assets in check and not just physical possessions. Your resources are all the aspects of life that make you feel secure — money, sure, but also self-esteem, confidence, life skills, and emotional stability. When fully in order, your second house feeds your appetite for discipline, effort, enthusiasm, and personal growth. Governs: Communication. Conversations, learning, writing, reading, and teaching are all major components of the third house.

Governs: Home.

House Systems

So while this house and its corresponding sign within your chart informs your personal path to putting down roots and building a home for yourself, it also rules your unconscious, emotional self — all that juicy stuff that makes you, you and that makes you feel at home in your own skin. Governs: Children — but not in the way you might be thinking. Leos are the perpetual kids of the zodiac.

They love to have fun, experience new things, and show off their gifts and talents — all without a shred of self-doubt. Your fifth house gives you insight into where you derive pleasure, creativity, joy, and life experiences. Governs: Responsibility and self-sacrifice. Governs: Intimate partnerships. Ever the diplomat, Libra is all about fairness. A successfully run seventh house will mean that there is inherent equality and balance within your intimate partnerships that brings meaning and magic into your life without fear of power struggles, co-dependency, or insecurity.